Providing a Master’s in Statistics Online Since 2007

We have over 200 graduates successfully complete the online program and receive a Texas A&M diploma.  Our graduates get the same degree and diploma as the local students.  They have even ordered an Aggie ring.  Most of them kept working full-time while acquiring their degree.

Graduate Spotlight

Melissa Lee

Global Telecommunications Corporation
Professional Data Scientist

After being a stay-at-home mother of 15 years, I made the decision to continue my education and begin a career. After a lot of research, I felt that an advanced degree in Statistics would lead to the rewarding career I wanted. However, I lived in a very rural area, I still had young children at home, and my husband traveled frequently. These issues would make it nearly impossible to find a degree program that would work for me. Even in areas with many universities, quality Statistics programs are not easy to find. Plus, most Master’s programs are structured for working professionals with classes in the evening, exactly when I needed to be home. I had almost decided that pursuing this degree would be impossible. Then, I found the Texas A&M Master of Statistics Distance program. Simply put, it made one of the most well-respected Statistics programs in the country available to me at home. And so, I applied. As I prepared to start the program, I clearly remember the program administrator saying that this degree would open doors for us. I was hopeful, but skeptical. However, as I graduated with my MS in Statistics I found this claim to be absolutely true. Three weeks before graduation, I started my job search. I knew that competing in the job market would be brutal, with the average job search lasting about four months. Additionally, not only did I have no prior employment experience as a Statistician, I also had no substantial employment experience in any field. I had devoted the last 15 years to raising my family. So, I settled in for what I knew would be a long job search. Three weeks into my search, I was a little surprised to get my first interview request at the North American headquarters of a global telecommunications corporation. Because of the education I received through the distance program, I was able to confidently breeze through a very technical interview and was immediately offered a position on the analytics team. Several years later, I am proud to still be a part of the same company, not as a new professional, but as a successful leader and mentor. I directly credit Texas A&M’s MS Statistics distance program in preparing me for this career path. It has changed my life.

We have students in over 45 states and across North and South America

Final group projects

Students working towards their Master’s Degree have the option to work on a group project in their last two semesters.  They choose from a variety of new topics offered each semester.  They work individually on a chosen project and meet regularly as a group with the Faculty sponsor.  See below for a listing of past projects offered.

  • Modeling price, customer ratings and popularity of Airbnb rentals.
  • Modeling success in the NFL draft from NFL Combine results
  • Modeling average airfares for US domestic markets
  • Modeling attendance at Major League Baseball Games
  • Modeling diminished value in repaired vehicles
  • NBA Shot Data
  • Energy Expenditure Prediction
  • Analysis of Children Blood Pressure Data
  • Mapping Diabetes Prevalence by Location

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