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Masters Degree (36 hours, non-thesis)

See our Courses page for information on each course and the semester offered.

Diagnostic Exam

Student must have passed (C or better) STAT 604, 608, 630, 641, and 642 courses prior to taking exam.

The MS Diagnostic Exam must be taken at the earliest possible time after the student has completed the following courses: STAT 604, 608, 630, 641 and 642. Any exception to this time limit must be obtained in writing from the head of the Department. It is administered twice a year—prior to the beginning of the fall semester (August) and prior to the beginning of the spring semester (January).
The MS examination covers basic statistical method—specifically, material from STAT 608, 641 and 642. The examination is evaluated with the performance judged to be “Pass” or “Fail”.

To receive a Master’s Degree, a student must take and pass this exam.

Students have two chances to pass the exam.

Committee, Degree Plan, Graduate Options

Students have two options to complete their degree plan.  Please see these options below: